Improves Your Success With Tenders & Proposals

You can’t!

They love being experts in their own technical subject!

Engineers and surveyors make up 90% of the construction and built environment sectors that I cover. I would suggest that none of them selected their careers and joined their professions because they enjoy writing! Most of them hate it, which is just as well as I would be out of a job!

People generally prefer to use their time doing things they enjoy, which is why problems occur when you allocate writing tasks to subject matter experts who don’t like writing.

I have found on numerous occasions that despite continued promises that they will complete their writing tasks on time, the work is either late or has been rushed and is therefore of poor quality and has to be completely rewritten. Occasionally the work doesn’t arrive at all!

There are 101 reasons why it was not their fault, the most popular being that they had to deal with an urgent request from a customer. Some of these excuses are genuine, but when you analyse it, it is usually the same people making the excuses. They don’t want to complete the tasks allocated to them because they hate doing it and do not possess the skills to do it well.

The answer is to create a team of two: a subject matter experts and a writer. The writer interviews the subject matter expert and extracts all of the rich and relevant content for the tender or proposal and then uses their writing skills to create a submission which articulates the strengths of the organisation and the benefits of the proposed solutions.

It is rare to find a bid writer who has the subject matter expertise and content knowledge to produce top class submissions on their own. So it is essential that they have excellent communication skills and are able to ask the right questions, actively listen to answers from subject matter experts and then use this information properly.

If you want to find a bid writer who also has subject matter expertise then get in touch and I will tell you where you can find one.