Improves Your Success With Tenders & Proposals

Some submissions are an absolute joy to read and are easy to assess as the information is set out clearly and is instantly accessible.

Others, however, are a nightmare and my heart sinks when I see them because I know that they are going to take four or five times longer to read and assess than the best.

When you are an evaluator and you have only 3 to 4 days to go through over 100 pre-qualification submissions, then it can be irritating to say the least, when applicants make it tough for you.

Whilst I try to be totally professional and assess each submission on its merits, I am sure that at a subconscious level I am possibly a fraction harder on the poorly presented submissions.

Although content is king, the quality of your bid writing does make a difference and I would urge you to get some training and help if you need it, ask someone to edit what you have written or outsource it to an expert bid writer.

Failing to clearly state the reasons why the customer should select you

Some bidders get so close to the process of answering the questions and providing information requested, that they forget that they are trying to persuade the customer to choose them in preference to their competitors.

As a consequence, their presentations come across as very ‘stuffy’ and formal and do not press the ’emotional buy buttons’ that we all have when choosing which service or product to buy.

People make decisions using their emotions first and then try to justify these by finding the logic to back it up.

If you only rely on appealing to a logical analysis of your bid then you may not position yourself at the front of the queue!

There is a real skill in the subtle art of persuasion using both written and spoken words and one that the most successful bidders have cracked.

Happily, you too can develop these skills with the right training and support.

Presentation of documents

The way you present your bid documents says a lot about your organisation and can certainly affect the customer’s perception about your professionalism and enthusiasm for winning the contract.

The most successful bidders put a lot of effort into creating interesting and attractive documents which really stand out. This takes experience, planning, creativity, time and a little bit of investment but it is worth it. There are some really good specialists out there who provide fantastic graphics, printing and packaging. Seeing what they produce is a real eye opener. They are not cheap but they are worth the investment. If you want any recommendations please contact us.